How to Get Jewellery Custom-made

October 22, 2018 0
How to Get Jewellery Custom-made
How to Get Jewellery Custom-made

If you are looking for a nice pair of diamond hoop earrings with heavy drops. And you want the drop to be made of colourful gemstones encapsulated inside a golden yellow frame. So you can wear them with any of your outfits. Did your find what you were looking for? No, at least not until you met us 

While looking online, you can get customized jewellery from our website –

If you are  satisfied with the size and the shape of the earrings. However, you concern is that you wanted changeable colourful gemstones as drops for this earrings. Get  in touch with us, telling us about the customizations you wants. We will hear you out patiently and understood your exact requirements. We then coordinated with our designers and the production staff to understand if your requirements are practically achievable. We drafted an estimate while including the charges for customizations, the new gemstones that would be added and the gold weight difference. Range of different coloured Gemstones for your requriment  –

  • Citrine for Lemon Yellow
  • Blue Topaz for Pastel Blue
  • Amethyst for Sweet Purple
  • Rose Quartz for Pink-red

The range of these colours ensures that you will always have a colour to match your attire with. We send the estimate and you approved them. We got back to the drawing board and started imagining the mechanism to allow for the stones to be changed on demand. So the drops had to have a door-like-mechanism from which we could remove the current gemstones, put another gemstone back and just lock the door.

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